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The use of hydrogen in energy: environmental issues.

Currently, there are more and more publications about the use of hydrogen as a fuel gas. Interest in this topic is due to the fact that when burning hydrogen, only water vapor is formed and no carbon dioxide is released.

The process of transition to hydrogen energy is called “decarbonization”. Many developed countries have adopted programs to support hydrogen technologies, primarily technologies for the production of” green ” hydrogen, i.e., obtained from water by electrolysis using electricity from renewable energy sources – wind, solar and water (hydroelectric power).

It is assumed that this approach will lead to a reduction in the greenhouse effect, since the concentration
of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere will decrease.

M. A. Svitenko – ANO “Center for research and scientific developments in the field of energy “Hydrogen technology solutions»

B. A. Rybakov, Candidate of Technical Sciences-SK-Engineering LLC Environmental issues