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The European Parliament voted for a tax on carbon emissions

The European Parliament has opened up the possibility of introducing a so-called “carbon” tax. It will be levied on goods imported from countries with lower standards for reducing climate-related carbon emissions. A large majority of deputies voted for the creation of a mechanism for this.

The European Union has pledged to neutralize its carbon emissions by 2050. The speaker on this topic, “green” from France, expressed the hope that the example of the EU will be followed by America, and then by the countries that pollute the atmosphere more:

“A partnership between Europe and the US on climate and industrial protection would be great news,” said Yannick Jadot. – As for China, on the one hand, this country emits a lot of greenhouse gases, but on the other hand, it introduces innovations. China is also creating a carbon market.”

The EU budget revenues from the new tax on carbon dioxide can be from 5 to 14 billion euros per year, depending on the amount to be determined by the European Commission.

This fee should initially apply to the products of industries that produce or consume a lot of energy: electricity, cement, steel, aluminum, paper, glass.

But the center-right faction of the European Parliament has succeeded in easing the measure, which has disappointed climate activists. The original text excluded the possibility of a quick cancellation of the free pollution permits that are granted to European companies in these industries. These permits are part of an Emissions Trading System that sets a price for each ton of carbon dioxide.