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Schastlivcev Alexey Ivanovich

Schastlivcev Alexey IvanovichSenior researcher of the laboratory

Research interests:
  • Heat exchange processes during phase transformations,
  • Hydrogen energy,
  • Solid-phase storage of hydrogen,
  • Tuel cells,hydrogen power plants.
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Faculty of Energy Physics, Department of Low Temperature Engineering and Physics, 1988-1994.
Academic degree:
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences, 2012, 05-14-01 Energy systems and Complexes.
Main publications:

Schastlivtsev A, Dunikov D, Borzenko V. Experimental study of the processes in hydrogen-oxygen gas generator. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2019;44(18):9450-9455.


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