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RAWI FORUM 2021: International Wind Energy Forum invites participants and partners

Press release

Registration is now open for the participants of the International Wind Energy Forum, which will be held on December 1-2, 2021 in Moscow.

You can get up-to-date information on participation on the Forum page on the event organization website – the Russian Association of the Wind Industry.

The main annual event of the industry will bring together leaders and practitioners of the wind industry on one platform to solve business problems faced by producers and consumers of energy resources of wind power plants.

The reference points for RAWI FORUM 2021 will be the discussion of its key topics.

Key topics of the forum:

  • export and ways to enter the world market,
  • voluntary demand and issues of selling green energy from one region to another,
  • retail market and microgeneration,
  • R&D and technologies for design and construction of wind farms.
  • sustainable development, carbon footprint reduction and green hydrogen.

You can suggest your topic of speech here .

In addition, the focus will be on successful cases from industry leaders and new players in the wind energy market.

The forum will be interesting for:

  • design, construction, transport companies interested in entering the wind energy market;
  • companies engaged in crane logistics, maintenance and servicing of wind farms;
  • equipment suppliers for wind turbines;
  • wind turbine manufacturers;
  • oil and gas energy companies ready to develop wind energy as a separate area;
  • chemical and metallurgical companies interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their enterprises;
  • Re100 companies interested in the transition to clean energy.

The Forum will create an optimal atmosphere for discussing cooperation issues. Forum participants will be able to conduct closing negotiations, sign agreements and communicate in a comfortable atmosphere in the meeting rooms. Contacts of all participants, the program and schedule of meetings will be available in the mobile application.

Information support in the organization of the International Wind Energy Forum, which is annually held by the Russian Association of Wind Industry, is traditionally provided by members and partners of RAWI, including public and business associations, as well as the media.

RAWI is interested in expanding information support and invites new partners to participate in the Forum. For information support, please contact the PR-manager of RAWI: Anna Lapteva, t. +7 921 365 30 27, e-mail: press@rawi.ru

For participation in the forum, please contact the project manager: Anna Maslova, t. +7 963 992 49 89, e-mail: amaslova@rawi.ru