Participation in the Xlll International Forum «ECOLOGY» – Hydrogen technology solutions

Participation in the Xlll International Forum «ECOLOGY»

The management of the ANO “Hydrogen Technology Solutions” is taking part in the Xlll International Forum “ECOLOGY”, which will be held on May 23-24 in Moscow.

The topic of our speech is: “Reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere during the combustion of hydrogen-containing gas.”
Our presentation is scheduled for the second day in the program generation of changes: sustainability of the electric power complex in the new economic reality.

In addition to the presentation of the results of our experiment on burning a methane-hydrogen mixture in a condensing boiler, the following key issues will be discussed:

  • Regulatory and legal regulation of the energy transition;
  • Low-carb certificates;
  • Nuclear and gas generation: how to ensure environmental friendliness and safety;
  • Hydrogen energy for decarbonization of the economy;
  • Energy efficiency and energy conservation;
  • Energy storage systems as a means of achieving low-carbon sustainable generation.

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