Decarbonizing gas turbines via Hydrogen fuel – Hydrogen technology solutions

Decarbonizing gas turbines via Hydrogen fuel

The electric power sector in much of the world has made significant strides in cutting carbon emissions, largely through increased use of renewables such as wind and solar, and a shift from coal to natural gas-fired power generation. Gas turbine industry attention is now directed at accelerating technology development and demonstration of “hydrogen readiness”, or the ability to burn hydrogen as a carbon-free replacement fuel for natural gas, while still maintaining low NOx emissions.

During a webinar presentation earlier this year, Siemens reviewed scope, timing and goals for its hydrogen technology development and demonstration projects. Near-term projects:

  • 10 MW SGT-400. A commercial dry low emissions unit is being modified to operate initially in 2021 on a hydrogen and natural gas fuel blend with an incremental build up to 100% hydrogen.
  • 24 MW SGT-600. Two DLE gas turbines tested in 2019 on mixtures of up to 60% hydrogen by volume while maintaining 25 ppm NOx emissions are expected to begin commercial operation in 2021.
  • 33 MW SGT-700. Developmental hydrogen burner design based on additive manufacturing technology was tested on 100% hydrogen in 2019 while maintaining fairly low NOx emissions.
  • 48 MW SGT-800. Full engine sector testing in 2020 with a hydrogen-fed array of 5 burners (out of 30 burners) operating on 75% by volume hydrogen and 40 ppm NOx emissions.