Completion of the first stage of the competition “Hydrogen Energy” – Hydrogen technology solutions

Completion of the first stage of the competition “Hydrogen Energy”

The winners of the first stage of the competition “Hydrogen Energy”

have been determined Source: Center for Innovative Development

On March 21, 2022, a hearing of the reports of the participants of the Hydrogen Energy competition on the results of their performance of the tasks of the first stage of the competition took place.

The results of the work were evaluated by an expert jury, which included specialists in the field of hydrogen technologies of the NRU “MEI” – Head of the Department of the HEEE Kuleshov N.V., head of the OIRR, head of the strategic project “Hydrogen Energy” Malenkov A.S., head of the laboratory No. 13 “Hydrogen Energy Technologies” Borzenko V.I. and ANO “Hydrogen technological solutions” – Director Savitenko M.A., Chief Technologist Rybakov B.A., Senior Researcher, Associate Professor of the Department of the Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering of the National Research University “MEI” Dunikov D.O., Senior researcher Lucky A.I.

The jury notes the high relevance and quality of the study of all the topics selected by the participants, while the winners of the first stage of the competition according to the results of the evaluation of projects were:

  1. Anton Gorenje Borisov, project “Comparative analysis of the combustion process of hydrogen and methane-hydrogen mixture with subsequent use as fuels”.
  2. Gavrilyuk Andrey Alexandrovich, project “Electrolysis module with alkaline electrolyte based on modern element base”.
  3. Timofey Petrovich Karev, project “Analysis of the prospects of using ammonia as fuel for shipboard gas turbine installations”.

Also, by the decision of the jury, two projects were awarded incentive prizes:

  1. Denis Dmitrievich Goldobin, project “Energy efficient production and consumption of hydrogen based on a multigeneration complex at a thermal power plant”.
  2. Vladimir Yurievich Naumov, project “Technical and economic assessment of the efficiency of using Carbon Capture and Burial Systems (CCS) in the production of hydrogen from natural gas in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

All the listed projects are going through the second stage of the competition.

The Hydrogen Energy contest is held on the basis of the Research Institute “MEI” with the support of the autonomous non-profit organization “Center for Research and Scientific Developments in the Field of Energy “Hydrogen Technological Solutions” (ANO “Hydrogen Technological Solutions”).

The competition is held within the framework of the implementation of the strategic academic leadership program “Priority 2030” by the MEI Research Institute to involve students in research, development and innovation work.


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