Newspaper “Kommersant” №28 – Hydrogen technology solutions

Newspaper “Kommersant” №28


As Kommersant found out, some blocks built at the expense of increased payments from the energy market, immediately after the termination of these payments, were no longer needed. Inter RAO and Quadra closed two power units built under the program of power supply contracts introduced during the reform of RAO UES of Russia. Inter RAO brought out a 330 MW unit at the Kashirskaya GRES, and Quadra-a 52 MW combined-cycle gas unit at the Yeletskaya CHPP. The facilities fully paid off, receiving a total of about 27 billion rubles from the energy market, according to Kommersant. Inter RAO says that they closed the block due to losses, while Quadra claims problems with the equipment.

The supervisory Board of the “Market Council” (the regulator of energy markets) will consider the issue of stopping the supply of power from two new power units “Inter RAO” and ” Quadra “at a meeting on February 24 (the draft protocol is available to”Kommersant”). “Inter RAO “requests to stop the supply of power from the third coal — fired power unit of Kashirskaya GRES from March 1 of this year, and” Quadra ” – from April 1 from the combined-cycle unit of Yeletskaya CHPP. Moreover, in fact, the power units are no longer working, it follows from the materials for the meeting (there is a “Kommersant”). The unit at Kashirskaya GRES was closed on January 1, 2021, and the unit at Yeletskaya CHPP was closed on January 27, 2021.

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